Celtic Adventures Part 1: Scotland-Skye

Mar 6, 2023 | Europe | 0 comments

By Beth Marik, Specialist: Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland

 Have you ever dreamed of traveling to a place bursting with lush landscapes and unique history? Scotland is as green as the eyes can see, diverse in culture and inclusion, a mecca for foodies (YES try the Haggis), on bonnie banks of lochs & mountains. All you need is a desire to travel, a solid plan and budget. Whether you are an avid history buff, fancy getting your best Harry Potter escapade on, or just wish to be in the beauty of the Isles, Scotland offers you multiple options with such a short amount of travel time within the country! Whether you fly direct or choose a layover in Dublin you can arrive in Glasgow or Edinburgh, as these are the main hub airports. Then choose where are ye off to next!

The most popular of the Isles is Skye ( 5-6 hours’ drive time from Glasgow). The Highlands and Isles (Inner and Outer Hebrides) are known for their rugged terrains and remote beauty. The Isle of Skye is a destination you must see to believe. 

 Skye is the largest of islands and is directly connected via The Skye Bridge near Kyle of Lochalsh(A87). You can also access Skye via the ferry at Mallaig. It is recommended you rent a car to drive to Skye. Driving allows you the most access to your self -created tour experience. If driving oneself does not sound like a fun & relaxing option, there are multiple tour companies we can recommend. You will be entertained on their itinerary or take a whisky tour. If the city life is more your style, then I do recommend the capital Edinburgh at least once. 

 Planning which activities and areas to visit does take the help of someone who has visited Scotland multiple times or someone who lives there to really show you what 

Scotland has to offer. The cab driver who dropped me off at the airport on my last Scotland trip said to me”Haste Ye back now dear!” I took that notion of “someday I’ll travel to.” and turned it into “off on my next adventure” thinking- Follow me for Scotland Part #2 as I recap blossom season in Edinburgh and the Underground experience. 

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