Top 10 Travel Items for Carry On Only Packers

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Traveling with only carry-on luggage can be a liberating experience. It saves you time at the airport, helps you avoid baggage fees, and gives you the flexibility to move around easily. However, packing efficiently for a trip with limited space can be a challenge. To help you make the most of your carry-on, we have compiled a list of the 10 best travel items to pack. These essentials will ensure you have everything you need while still maintaining a compact and organized bag.

  1. Pack It Flat Toiletry Bag – no matter how much you put in this thing, it still seems to pack flat. Comes in different colors and can be hung from a hook or towel rack.
  2. Contact Lens Cases – THESE ROCK! I just used these for my 9 day Alaska trip! I filled them with the following: face wash, face cream, make-up remover, and liquid foundation. If you need more then fill two. So COMPACT and when I got home i just put them in the silverware rack in the dishwasher to clean.
  3. Compression Packing Cubes – These guys can be filled by folding your clothes flat or rolled and reducing the volume. You can even separate your clothing into categories! Now there’s more space in your suitcase to put some souvenirs into the nooks and crannies.
  4. Packable Lighweight Backpack – Use for shore excursions or any activity! It’s light, holds alot, and best of all, when it is folded up into it’s own pocket and zipped, it fits right into a crack of your carry on suitcase or can be attached with the included carabiner.
  5. Lightweight, Packable Puffer Jacket – Packable Puffer, Packable Puffer, Packable Puffer – say that 3 times fast….It’s perfect for layering when visiting Alaska during the May-September season. It rolls up into a little bag that can be put in your suitcase, attached to your carry on or personal item, and even used as a pillow or lumbar support.
  6. Travel Tech Organizer – I keep all my zillions of cords and cubes in here and stuff it right into my personal item so it’s handy at all times.
  7. 4-in-1 Make-up Brush – This thing is Ahhh-mazing! Foundation sponge on end, blush/powder brush on the other then twist off each side to reveal two more brushes. Makes packing carry on SO MUCH easier.
  8. Jewelry Roll – Keeps jewelry from getting crushed or tangled and can slip easily into the zippered portion of your suitcase or in any nook or cranny. It can even be placed flat inside a packing cube.
  9. Travel Sized Make-up – This small eyeshadow set is similar to Naked’s neutral color palette. Travel Sized Blush and Mini Mascara complete your carry on packing dream team.
  10. Little Lighted Make-up Mirror – Perfect for make-up application on the plane or anywhere!

These are some of my best travel items for packing carry on only!! I love not having to pay baggage fees or wait for my luggage at the airport baggage claim. I just whisk right off the plane and into my adventure!

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Happy Travels!

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