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Erin Adams

Owner and CEO

Erin is a highly experienced professional wedding and event planner with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences. With an impressive 25 years in the industry, Erin has honed her skills and expertise, making her a trusted and sought-after planner. She has successfully transferred these same skills as a destination wedding and honeymoon travel advisor.

During 7 years of her career she was responsible for organizing an impressive 500 events per year, demonstrating her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail keeping wedding clients calm and organized for their big day.  She prides herself in taking the stress and hassle of wedding and travel planning off of her client’s shoulders so they can enjoy their engagement and the planning journey.

Erin’s expertise extends into the realm of crafting custom honeymoons. She takes pride in creating romantic getaways that feel like a movie where her clients are the stars. From recommending the best locations for a dreamy honeymoon to handling all the logistical details, Erin ensures that couples can simply relax and enjoy their much-deserved time together.

With Erin’s wealth of experience, attention to detail, and dedication to her clients’ satisfaction, she is the ideal luxury travel planner for anyone seeking a seamless and extraordinary destination wedding and/or honeymoon experience.

Morgan James

Morgan James comes to us from Nashville, TN, where she has spent the last 12 years in the healthcare industry as a traveling sales rep. During her free time, she enjoys gardening, cooking, spending time with loved ones, and of course, traveling! As a travel agent, Morgan has more than 25 years of combined travel and trip planning experience. She has explored 23 countries and hiked 37 U.S. National Parks. With a focus on luxury and adventure, Morgan thrives on creating one-of-a-kind trips personalized to her client’s unique travel styles and visions. Morgan says, “What better time than now to take the trip of your dreams because you will never get today back.” Let Morgan create your next adventure using her expertise and travel contacts across the globe. She will worry about the details and let you focus on the magic of travel.

“When you go somewhere with the love of traveling in your heart, you will never have a better experience.”

Becky Cobb

Becky is a Midwest gal through and through.   Her love of travel and adventure has been part of her DNA since she was a young girl.  Becky has years of experience in sales and marketing, managing businesses and raising a family.  She has worked in the travel industry for the last five years and loves helping people create lasting memories.

From Bucket List travelers to love struck honeymooners, Becky can help you find exactly what you are looking for.  Her passion for people and attention to detail will give you a feeling of confidence that you have made the right choice.

Let Becky help you experience the wonder of travel not the worry!


Tracey Pothier

After many years of being in the corporate scene, Tracey was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2013.  This diagnosis completely changed the way she lived life from that point on. Being a fighter, she fought the battle as hard as possible, and beat it! After all the treatments and surgeries, Tracey says she took herself on a cruise to “Celebrate ME!”  She called it her “Cancer Free Cruise”.  She spent a week thanking God for all He had done for her over that past year, and it was truly something special.

Tracey has traveled all over the Caribbean and Europe and is passionate about helping other cancer survivors, caregivers and their family members take memorable vacations so they can celebrate life and the warriors that they are! Tracey enjoys making dreams come true for those who never imagined they could take an amazing vacation and think it’s impossible. Tracey says, “I’m here to tell you it IS possible!”

Whether you are a survivor or someone who dreams of traveling solo…Tracy can craft an itinerary based on your preferences and needs to help find some solitude during it all, bring peace to your heart and mind, dance under the stars, and celebrate the fighters you truly are.

Let’s go! Wherever you want to be, I want to get you there!

Beth Marik

Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland Specialist

Travel has been a significant part of life for this Chicago based lady. Beth’s career has allowed her to travel (while teaching yoga) through 48 US states, and twice to Taiwan. As a midwestern “flatlander” she’s been exploring the globe for anything adventurous: spelunking in Colorado, hiking on the Isle of Skye, to visiting Game of Thrones film sites near Belfast, Northern Ireland. She has a passion for Celtic explorations. “My mantra -Live Life to the Fullest!” Will you join me?


Yatee Patel

Specialist: Bucket List Travel, Africa, Iceland, Portugal, and the United Kingdom

Yatee was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya where her parents immigrated from India 60 years ago.  She has lived in California for the past 22 years and has travelled to many exotic destinations: Iceland, Portugal, India, Dubai, Seychelles, Mauritius, Maldives, Morocco, and Thailand.  She has travelled extensively in North America, Hawaii, Alaska, and many other countries such as Scotland, England, Belize, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Jamaica, Australia, and New Zealand.  

For Yatee, travel is knowledge.  She feels no text book in the world can teach you everything about cultures, ethnicity, traditional culinary, sensitivity, and everything the world has to offer except for travel and experiencing it yourself in destination. 

Her goal is to help others to truly experience Africa!

Sarah Litchke

As a full time RVer. Sarah has been blessed to call wherever she is home for the last three years. Sarah’s mission is simple: to help people find the freedom and joy that come from experiencing new and exciting places.  She believes that travel is not just about the destination, but about the moments and memories that we create along the way. Sarah wants to help you make those moments count, whether your goal is a relaxing getaway or a whirlwind adventure.





Shonelle Roper

Family and Groups Specialist

Shonelle is  a passionate advocate for the art of travel, a master in creating exceptional journeys that resonate and inspire. Her journey began by orchestrating the launch of Bronco i-Radio, where she curated diverse content to captivate audiences. However, Shonelle’s heart truly found its calling as a travel agent, igniting a spark that continues to burn brightly.

Her path led me to Queen of Fun Travel, where she is a Family and Group Travel Agent. Here, she blends her love for adventure with her expertise in creating seamless travel itineraries. Shonelle consults with clients to understand their unique preferences, interests, and desires, and then craft personalized journeys that transcend their expectations.

Whether it’s curating the perfect multi-generational family getaway or orchestrating an unforgettable group adventure, Shonelle has honed her skills in negotiating with airlines, hotels, and tour operators to secure group rates and reservations. Her expertise extends to navigating the complex world of travel regulations, visa requirements, and health and safety recommendations, ensuring that every detail is meticulously addressed.

Shonelle says, “Every journey I design is a symphony of experiences, seamlessly choreographed to create unforgettable memories. I thrive on handling the unexpected with grace, providing swift solutions and ensuring that every traveler feels like they are in capable hands.”

Her journey doesn’t end with crafting itineraries; it extends into building lasting relationships with clients: nurturing connections, becoming a trusted advisor for future travels, and earning referrals through the unforgettable experiences she has orchestrated.

From the thrill of planning to the delight of exploration, Shonelle is the “architect of dreams”.


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